“FAUST: VANITY & DESPAIR” Alexandru Cînean @ MB-XL gallery, Bruxelles


Jan De Maere, Basile Neacsa, Patrice de Boismorel and
Paloma de Boismorel
are happy to invite you at

EuRoCultura Festival Special Evening

Alexandru Cînean

on Thursday October 13th at 6pm

Exhibition until November 5th 2016

BIOGRAPHY : Born in 1988 in Sibiu (Romania), Alexandru Cînean graduated from the Arts highschool in 2007. He undertake studies of painting at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, where he earned in 2012 a BA and a MA. In 2008-2009, noted for the quality of his work, he was offered a stay in the Academia de Bella Arte in Torino in the European Erasmus project. He benefits again from this project in 2011 and decides to go in Belgium for 3 months (11/2011-02/2012) in the Thuin’s gallery (Antecedence/ Ephemere). During his career, Alexandru Cînean made several exhibitions notably in Belgium, Romania and Australia. He also participated in some theatrical projects and received in 2009 a price in the Concorso Nazionale di Pittura Morgese in Italy.

WORK: Alexandru Cînean is a young painter who suggests us a powerful, full of torments, troubling and significant work. The artist offers a reflection on human nature, the danger of its intelligence and the tautness of the soul. His brushstroke sometimes precise, sometimes more impulsive, witnesses the passion of the painter. From landscape to portrait, Alexandru Cînean uses dark and dull or bright and violent tones allowing the viewer to immerse himself into the atmosphere of the canvas et to understand an idea of movement, tranquillity or distress. The artworks that will be exhibited at the MB-XL gallery will witness the work of reflection of the young artist. His artworks are inspired by the theatrical performance of “Faust” in Radu Stanca theatre in Romania. This subject explores man’s temptation and the possibility of salvation, illustrated by moving and upsetting paintings.