Mihailescu Ciprian

Ciprian Mihailescu is a Romanian artist, born in Piatra Neamt and established in Bucharest where he majored in Philosophy and Arts at the University of Bucharest. He had various cardboard scenery construction jobs for the Romanian Opera House in Bucharest, working also as art director at several advertising agencies. Meanwhile, the artist was commissioned for church icons and frescoes painting. In 2013 he returned to easel painting and in 2014 joined a group exhibition hosted by “La Historia” Gallery House. At this moment, he articulates his first solo exhibition.Mihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_17
University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” – Bucharest, Master degree, Sacred space and vernacular architecture 2006 – 2008

University of Bucharest – Faculty of Theology (graduate), Sacred Arts 2001 – 2005

University of Bucharest – Faculty of Philosophy (graduate), The history of philosophy and philosophy of culture 1999 – 2003
March – April 2014 “Open space” – group exhibition at “La Historia” Gallery House, Bucharest

May 2005 – group exhibition at University of Bucharest, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Bucharest

December 2004 – group exhibition at Patriarchate Palace, BucharestMihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_03 Mihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_14 Mihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_13 Mihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_12 Mihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_11 Mihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_10 Mihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_09 Mihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_06 Mihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_08 Mihailescu_Ciprian_Artindex_04