Din nou artă chineză contemporană – Fang Jianxi expune la Beijing


开幕式:2014年10月29日 下午3点

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” Xingse hurry ”

Exhibition theme ” Xingse rush ” Fang Jianxi solo exhibition
Artist: Fang Jianxi
Show Time : Year 2014 October 29-November 13
Opening: at 15:00 on October 29th, 2014
Venue: Jiu Xian Qiao Road, Chaoyang District , Beijing Art District, 798 Third Street CeramicsFang_Jianxi_Artindex_02




对于方建喜的作品我再熟悉不过,甚至这么多年我目睹他的创作历程,我该用什么来形容他?大海?对,也许用大海合适,就像叙利亚诗人阿多尼斯的一首诗 “大海没有时间和沙子交谈,它永远忙于谱写浪涛。” 或者我想用“心血染红了画布的执着”来形容我对他的看法。他不用热烈的场面为自己的作品庆贺,也从不认为自己的作品多么珍贵,他只想让行色匆匆的人们感受他作品的热情。这是一种梵高的精神,也许梵高不适合那个时代,而我要说的是这个时代真正的梵高来了!




“Xingse hurry”

All kinds of people living in a hurry ……

But hurry people will be occasionally stop, look at all kinds of life.

Fang Jianxi works for me too familiar, even so many years I have witnessed his creative process, what should I use to describe him? The sea? Right, perhaps with a suitable sea, like the Syrian poet Adonis, a poem, “the sea and the sand did not have time to talk, it is always busy composing the waves.” Or I would use “persistent efforts stained canvas” to describe me his views. He does not warm scene for his work to celebrate, and never think how precious their works, he just wants to make people feel warm and hurry his work. It is a spirit of Van Gogh, Van Gogh may not fit that era, but I would say that this era came the real Van Gogh!

Although I am not a painter, but I’m painting Little shades; though I put video creation, but I believe the arts are interlinked. Sometimes I pretend not to know Fang Jianxi, just look at his work, I would imagine it works in a different space presents, do not look at its contents, in terms of its form, color, space is vibrant enough to make such a shape and color representing the the era of desire and passion. Works reveal an strong force, to give people the most direct experience, this is the thing most needed in this era, people lit the passion, energetic people live wonderful!

Everyone has a lonely, how to get rid of dark world in solitude? See Xingse hurry ……

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