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liuguo_yi_artindex_9Spiritual Breakthrough
—- About Liuguo Yi painting
Yang Wei

In today’s materialistic growing, more and more inclined to the reality of contemporary art expression. This makes the tension between the art and the reality is gradually reduced, by the spiritual content of art extrusion material. However, under the background of such a substance wrapped artist 刘国义 is an alternative, he somehow return to the original passion in the human spirituality, dreams and the subconscious began digging, not only to capture the reality of life being obscured thinking Emmanuel, also demonstrates some kind of spiritual power of art.
Liuguo Yi, born in 1974 in Anhui Huainan, childhood love of art and self-painting. Adulthood, Liuguo Yi Beijing alone battles to the streets to paint for a living, began a professional career as an artist. Such hardships underlying life experiences, enriching the 刘国义 vision, but also that he tasted the human mind, inconstancy. Coupled with the inherently sensitive, but also makes Liuguo Yi lament on materialistic reality, filled with emotion. Export of art as an aesthetic, not only provides a living for 刘国义 channels, have become a haven for his soul. So Liuguo Yi’s work with particular emphasis on heart care, based on the visual image is also more than their dreams, as well as his own life all the whimsy. As he described the images are all from the real prototype, showing the absurd, bizarre bizarre face the same. Either a hermaphrodite, either human beast intertwined, either ancient juxtaposition …… In short, are some of the non-real, very state of the image. This delusional expression, it should be said is derived from 刘国义 impetuous reality of an escape, he is also an aesthetic matter the era beyond. Meanwhile works also against negative phenomena of modern materialistic society conducted periodic criticism and ridicule.
In terms of style, 刘国义 works were some of the effects of pop art and cartoon drawing. Perhaps this painting in the streets for many years with Liuguo Yi relevant. It is precisely because the perennial from the shuttle in the city streets, the streets everywhere are attracted to advertising light boxes, product identification and other visual image, feel the rich picture of modern society. So Liuguo Yi’s works are also showing a beautiful, bright and so eye-catching features of the times. However, Liuguo Yi cartoon art is not painting, it is not pop art. Because both the cartoon or pop art painting, have stressed the element of popular culture, but also with the real world more closely tied. The Liuguo Yi’s work is a kind of alienation of reality, or is it a very intimate sexual expression. So, I prefer to 刘国义 seen as an extension of the work of graffiti art, that he borrowed some fashion colors to render themselves unique life experiences will actually began in earnest in the streets or graffiti art, with to a more humanistic meaning and texture of an attempt to work.
In fact, his unique personality and ethos manifested, but also has some sense of the times, has been the direction of many artists efforts. However, due to material temptations of society, while constrained by certain artistic standards, often in the pursuit of many contemporary artists, while losing his own personality, but also the loss of artistic imagination. From this perspective, the wild grow up 刘国义, actually has some advantages, because he did not so much artistic dogma, which can get rid of the shackles of the inherent artistic modes to play to their imagination, to release their potential. His art, which is scored foot contemporary society perspective from the subconscious and dreams. On this kick, not only kicking the material reality of the excessive squeezing state also kicked awake our sleeping consciousness will bring us back to a brighter future swim and meditation.

2014.7.10 in Tongzhou

Liuguo Yi, born in 1974 in Anhui Huainan, oil painting artist
2008 Olympic two thousand and eight selected special —– special issue of Modern Art
2009 798 Art District “different space” gallery art exhibition
2012 Happy family painting exhibition invincible. Beijing Songzhuang
2013 Happy Invincible – Liuguo Yi Solo Exhibition. Beijing Songzhuang
2013 Beijing magenta gallery “Today you imagination it?” Trio exhibition. Beijing Song Zhuang.
2013 to participate in “Chinese contemporary art mutual powder under national traveling exhibition.” Beijing Songzhuang
2013 International Exhibition of high-end art. Luo High Jewellery International Museum of Art. Beijing
2013 works were “Beautiful China” selected and published a limited edition collection of stamps
2013 selected “Langhammer everyone” book “Self” magazine tenth anniversary special issue
2013 China Central Television Channel Interview figures
2013 Sixteenth participated Beijing Art Fair (Beijing Agriculture Exhibition Hall Union of Asian Art exhibition)
2013 “1994-2013 China Songzhuang artists cluster Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition”
2013 to participate in an “independent character -2013” potential Artists Nomination Exhibition (Big Bend Museum of Art)
2013 Twenty-four boutique Poly Auction (Asia Hotel to shoot the works)
2013 Eighth China Beijing Song Zhuang • Songzhuang Culture and Art Festival

His works have been at home and abroad Museum exhibition, works in a number of domestic and international newspapers and magazines, and was at home and abroad collectors.liuguo_yi_artindex_2liuguo_yi_artindex_3 liuguo_yi_artindex_8 liuguo_yi_artindex_4liuguo_yi_artindex_10