Roman Tolici – “Ceremonii” – expozitie @ Muzeul National de Arta al Republicii Moldova

tolici chisinauThe National Art Museum of Moldova presents CEREMONIES
A solo show by Roman TOLICI
Curator Adina Zorzini

Opening Thursday 10 of April at 3 pm
31 August 1989 Street, no. 115, Chisinau

Roman Tolici is a renowned Romanian artist of Moldavian origin, born in 1974 in Ghetlova (the former USSR) and established in Bucharest since 1997; the artist equally masters drawing and painting techniques, using classical approaches of representation in a highly contemporary manner.
Thus, Roman Tolici combines both technical and conceptual levels into figurative oil painting, by overlapping styles that range from the Italian to the Northern or Flemish Renaissance with recent techniques and contemporary addressed subjects.
The solo show Ceremonies, organized and presented by the National Art Museum of Moldova in Chisinau, features a large selection of artworks created by Roman Tolici during the past decade, mapping general subjects and issues of political, social or religious interest along with biographical events of personal nature from the artist’s life.
The title of the solo show alludes to many different actual and symbolical meanings, placing the artist into the master of ceremonies position: realistic and hyper-realistic backgrounds transgress their landscape function and question an international diagram of social and political celebrations (the national days paintings from the Park series), everyday actions of ordinary figures become general descriptions of commonly accepted behavior patterns (the paintings from the Action series), while the representations of the wedding and the funeral that centralize the entire show constitute the most important life and death rituals marking human existence.
Roman Tolici was born under an exacerbated soviet regime, trained at an art boarding school from an ex-soviet country and established as a young artist into another former communist territory: his research and development reflect different aspects of Eastern European realities, while posing difficult questions to the world. (Adina Zorzini)