Fotografi, F64 se vinde!

 Foreign investor to take over Romanian photo video equipment retailer F64
by Romania Insider

The founders of Romanian retailer F64, which generates a EUR 18 million turnover by selling photo and video equipment, have decided to sell the company to a foreign investor.

The 12-year old company, founded by Marian Alecsiu and Daniela Becheru (in picture), will change hands after having upped turnover year after year. The name of the foreign buyer was not yet announced, but it will be made public during a meeting press on Monday, December 16.becheru daniela

F64 started out as a small business made by a group of friends but, over the years, it has become the place to buy all photo and video equipment, and anything related to photography, recently expanding its product offers with smartphones and tablets.

The company increased its business by 12 percent this year, despite the 15 percent drop on the photo equipment market. The retailer doubled sales of mirrorless cameras, while sales of compact and DSLR cameras were up 8.6 percent.

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