Aggod Stefan (István)

ISTVAN AGGOD artindex 01Aggod Stefan (István) nascut in Oradea 1947



Istvan Aggod was born on the 4th of March, 1947 in Oradea. He became pharmaceutical assistant after graduating at the Medical College of Oradea, nevertheless the early exhibition of his talent for painting as well as his artistic ambition impels him to graduate between 1969 -1972 in the class of Janos Kristofi, at the Painting and Drawing Faculty of the People’s School of Arts, which had been founded by Alfred Maczalik and Gabor Miklossy, the so called “Maestro of Romania”  The young painter was a devoted follower of his master’s artistic vision and technique for a long time. He needed this kind of professional security, primarily, because painting was not his main activity until his retirement, although he was a productive artist and had exhibitions on a regular basis during his working years.  ISTVAN AGGOD artindex 02
Besides his individual exhibitions, he was given the opportunity to show his talent at the Doctors’ National Exhibition which was held annually at Cluj-Napoca until 1990. The downfall of the communist regime releases new artistic energies in him and he shows more and more often his works to the Romanian – and the foreign public as well. He is the member of the Fund for the Fine Arts and receives invitations from numerous arts camps (Vaja, Cserszegtomaj, Berettyoujfalu, Mosonmagyarovar, International Arts Camp at Zala, etc.). Furthermore he often meets great success at the Gallery of the Independent Hungarian Artists; his works can be found in various collections of paintings in Romania, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Israel, France and Canada. In 1987 he was awarded with the golden prize at the national exhibition of the “Cântarea României” festival. ISTVAN AGGOD artindex 03
There are all the artistic genres included in his work: the landscape, the still life, the portrait, the nude and the composition. The elements of the romantic, symbolist and impressionist schools are synthesized in such a way in his work of art that the spectator is capable to experience profoundly the characteristics, as well as the hidden or even perishing visual values / worth of the painter’s hometown, Oradea, and of the landscapes from Bihor county and Transylvania. .
At the age of 60, his artistic message has been laced with various philosophical and moral questions, while his ways of expression are becoming more and more suitable for the creation of abstract and bold surfaces. ISTVAN AGGOD artindex 04ISTVAN AGGOD artindex 05