Vijoli Elena

Elena Vijoli

Born in 1979 in Fagaras, Romania. Lives and works in Milan, Italy.Elena Vijoli

2003 – M.A. in Art: Specialization in Conservation and Restoration Plastic and Decorative Arts and Design Faculty, Iasi, Romania
1997 – Plastic Arts Diploma (Monumental Art Certificate) The Art High School, Brasov, RomaniaEV  Family 2pcs

Artistic activity:
2012 – “Mettere in luce – Elena Vijoli”, personal exhibition at Mya Lurgo Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland
“Lo stile incontra l’arte” – painted shoes exhibition in collaboration with Toma Style at MICAM fair, Milan, Italy
“Portable paintings”, personal exhibition at National Rumanian Party organized by Rumanian Consulate, Milan, Italy
2011 – “Portable Paintings”, personal exhibition at Gabriele Cappelletti Gallery, Milan, Italy.
2010 – “Alien Garden”, personal exhibition at Paolo Cappelletti Gallery, Milan, Italy
Group exhibition, “A Brand New World. Infinite Visioni di Mondi Possibili” , Spazio Ligera, Milan, Italy
Group exhibition, Gabriele Cappelletti Gallery, Milan, Italy
2009 – Participant to “The International Art Salon”, Sibiu
2008 – Participant to “The Arts Lodge” – International Painting Exhibition, Sibiu
2007 – Participant to “The Winter Salon 2007-2008”, SibiuEV  Whispers at Sunset
2006-2007 – Personal painting exhibition (permanent) – Commercial Bank Gallery, Sibiu
2006 – Member of U.A.P.R. (Plastic Professionals Artists National Union from Romania)
Participant to group exhibition “The Prestige of Authenticity”, U.A.P.R. Alba-Iulia Galleries
Participant to “The Winter Salon 2006-2007”, Sibiu
Restoration of the oil mural painting in Coltea Church (sec. XIX), Bucharest
2002-2003 – Restoration of the rood screen (tempera on wood) in Putna Monastery, sec. XVIII, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
2001 – Participant to scientific communication session “University Days” with the essay “Symbolic Significations and Philosophic Ideas in Gustav Klimt Art”; the essay was published in the same year in University Days Annual.
Restoration of the fresco in The Orthodox Cathedral of Rm. Sarat, sec. XVIII.
Restoration of the mural painting (tempera on wood) in The Wood Church, Radaseni, Suceava county, sec. XVII
1998-2006 – Participant to various group exhibitions with modern paintings in different techniques (classics as well as personal mixed techniques on various surfaces and supports), Byzantine paintings, paintings on glass and decorative art
1998 – Restoration of the fresco in The Sf. Treime Church, Fagaras, sec. XVIII
1997 – Participant to International Painting Exhibition in Aarschot, Belgium

Source: (1) EV The silence EV Come Away with Me, 3pcs EV La vie en rose EV Sweet, sweet childhood EV The silence after storm