Madaras Peter

Anul Nasterii:1981

“I am a sculptor from Romania, Transylvania region, and I’m interested mainly in arts.peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_01 peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_02 Both in my sculptural and nature-art works I try to carry out matters that stood an still stand valid in all the ages, matters or issues like: love, life, death, water, earth etc.peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_03 peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_04 peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_05    While I’m working on these I always seek simplicity and cleared-out shapes in order to be universally understood.
The medium I use most is wood, because of its warmth, coziness and organic nature, and because it fits perfectly my artistic visions and beliefs.peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_06 peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_07 peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_08 In my latest work I use symmetry and module like shapes in order to be as clear and expressive as possible, giving more and more interest to      Nature an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and a reliable partner in artistic creation.”peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_09 peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_10 peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_11 peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_12 peter_madaras_palgallery_artindex_13Sursa: