Iuliano Valentin

Bridesmaids 2- 1818 Inch _ Watercolor on PaperDate of Birth: February 14, 1954, Brasov
High School graduate, year: Brasov School of Fine Arts, 1973
Member in National Artists’ Organization, since: 1992
Other art studies graduated: Art School of Brasov, 1977Valentin Iuliano

Works in museums and collections:
“Sineide Ghi” Art Collection 1990, Rome, Italy

Publications, articles, critical work:
Panorama Magazine, 1995
ART Magazine, 1987
Art Diary, Italy, 2002
Habitat Design, 2005Teenage Girl - 2129 cm - Watercolor on Paper

National Debut:
Republican Youth Exhibition Bucharest, Romania 1988

International Debut:
Paris International Exhibition, 1986

Local Exhibitions:
County Fair 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Art Museum of Brasov, 2010

National Exhibitions:
Medium, St. George, 1991
Artistic Youth Salon, Bucharest, 1987, 1988

Group Exhibitions:
Victoria Gallery, Brasov, 1985, 1990
Art Museum Brasov, 2006

International exhibitions:
Gallery “Sineide Ghi”, Rome, 1991
Impact Art Festival, Kyoto, Japan, 1999
Saryah Art Museum, Emirates, 2003
Tours, 1990, France

Solo exhibitions:
Victoria Gallery, Brasov, 1991
History Museum, Brasov, 1992
Foreign Ministry Bucharest, 1994

Other art related activities:
National Patrimony fresco restoration in Brasov, 2008, 2009 at the „Transylvanian Museum of Urban Civilization” of Brasov
The artist’s creations are held in a number of private art collections in USA, France and Italy.