Fotografie Miri Mor la Anexa MNAC


Miri Mor este o artista fotograf israeliana – familia ei are radacini romanesti – care a constatat ca Romania este mai generoasa in subiecte decat ale locuri. Cariera ei in fotografie coincide cu reintoarcerea, alaturi de familie, in Bucuresti in 2008. Ce vedem pe simezele MNAC sunt doua serii realizate intre 2010 si 2012, “Nature Morte” si “Monuments of Rememberance”, pe care le redau mai jos. Le gasesc de o calitate tehnica excelenta si foarte atent compuse. Titlul sub care sunt reunite cele doua serii este “Remembering in Order to Forget”. Anexa MNAC gazduieste pana pe 7 martie lucrarile artistei. (text/foto: Mihai Constantin)


Manifestul artistei:

“We ask our senses to tell us the story of reality. We receive far too much information, ignore most of it, and choose to focus on specific details – something like a jigsaw puzzle with most of its pieces missing. Our perception of reality is subjective, and we pay no attention when we perceive it. While I photograph reality, it is a partial, enigmatic reality that leaves pieces out. The photographs compel the viewer to imagine and construct the story appearing before him in his mind. The images, which contain numerous details, are rich in color and textures, were chosen in order to challenge and heighten the viewer’s senses, and reconstruct – even slightly – my own sensory awareness at the moment the photograph was taken” Miri Mor