Drinceanu Gabriela

Anul Nasterii: 1968Gabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_02

Gabriela Drinceanu

Date of birth: May 5, 1968, JASSY
Studies: Jassy Art academy;speciality sculpture 1986-1991, School of Monumental Art of the Romanian Patriarchate, Bucharest 1989-1995.
Member of Plastic Artists Union, Romania, speciality sculpture,
Membrer of “3 Grup”(along with Zamfira Birzu and Felix Aftene)
Member of AXart-Jassy Foundation (involvement in the achievement of the Symposium “Art and Sacrality” Cucuteni, Jassy, 2000-2004, founding member of the “Triconc” Art Gallery Jassy, in partnership with the “Sf.Nicolae”-Copou Parish)
Cultural operator of the project «Salvation of a Maramures traditional wooden house and its transformation in Cultural Center», in the locality Dragomiresti-Maramures, with co-financing AFCN 2006Gabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_03 Personal exhibitions:
2011 “Personal travels” sculptures and graphics , Arcadia Gallery, Pascani/Romania
2010 “Sculpture” Cuhnia Gallery, Brancoveanu palaces Mogosoaia/Bucharest
2010 “Family connections”, sculpture, Foundation “FiloArt” Dej/Cluj-Romania
2010 “Angel and Time”, sculpture, Visual Arts Center – Art Gallery House floor Bucharest
2009 ” angels around me”, sculpture and drawing, Dana Gallery, Iasi
2009 Sculptures, “German Sanchez Ruiperez” Foundation, Penaranda de Bracamonte/ Salamanca, Spain
2008 “Framed Transfers” sculpture, “Artis” Gallery BucharestGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_042007 “Archetypals” sculpture and drawing, “Lapusneanu” Galleries of Jassy
2006 “Angels and People” sculpture, photo-action – Cupola Gallery, Jassy
2003 “Die Kunst – der weg zu Gott” (Art – the Way toward God) – sculpture, Kreuzkirche, Wolfsburg/Germania
1999 “People, Humours” – sculpture and drawing, Cupola Gallery Jassy
1998 Sculpture-drawing exhibition, House of Latin America – Bucharest
1993 Sculpture exhibition – House of Culture Tg. NeamtGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_05Exhibitions “3 Grup “:
2010 “Human perception ” Cupola Gallery, Iasi/Romania
2009 “Anthropomorphisms” 3G+1,Simeza Gallery, Bucharest/Romania
2008 “Narcisism” Cupola Gallery Jassy/Romania
2007 “Eros” Anixis Gallery, Baden/Switzerland
2006 “Triads” – Triconc Gallery, Jassy/Romania
2005 “Charaktere” (Characters) Anixis Gallery, Baden/Switzerland
2004 “Identities”- itinerary exhibition at the Romanian Cultural Centers in Venice, Vienna and Budapest  Gabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_062003 “Personal collection” – Art Museum of Vaslui/Romania
2003 Picture and Sculpture, Art Gallery of Barlad/Romania
2002 “Angel et Devil” (“Angel and Devil”) Romanian Cultural Center, Paris/France
2002 “Alternatives” Cupola Gallery – Jassy  Gabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_072001 “Impronte nell tempo” (Inprints in time) – Piccola Galleria Correr –  Venice/Italy
2001 “Affective messages” Cupola Gallery Jassy Gabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_08International exhibitions:
2008 “Umbria Terra d’incontri-dialogo con la Romania” Exhibitional Center Rocca Paolina, Perugia/Italia
2007-2010 “Arad Biennial” itinerary contemporary art exhibition in the cities Pecs/Hungary, Plzen/Czech Republic, Osijek/Croatia, Pohlam/Austria
2006 “Communication” Exhibitional Center “C.Brancusi”, Kisinev/Moldova Republic
2006 Virtual Gallery “Saatchi-Gallery”, Great Britain
2005-2006 Painting and sculpture exhibition Kisinev – Moldova Republic
2004 “The Danube streaming show “, Museums Quartier, Viena
2001 “The 7th Internationl Female Artist’s Art Annual – Art Adiction” Stockholm, Sweden
2000 “Univers roumain” – itinerary exhibition, January-July, in France, Region of Marne
1999 “The 1st Spring Annual – Art Addiction” –  Venice, ItaliaGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_09
1996 “Art Decouverte”- Poitiers, France
1995 “Wood and Wool” – Russe Bulgaria
1995 -2006 “Salons of Moldavia”, Bacau-Kisinev, ARTA and C.Brancusi GalleriesGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_010Group exhibitions : 2010 “Not kill” Timco Gallery, Timisoara/Romania
2010 “Totem” national exhibition, itinerant toTg Mures, Iasi, Budapesta
2010 “EL CAMINO Sacral -induction of the sacred in contemporary sculpture  Fiat Iveco Showroom Iassi
2008 «Jassy Artists», Senso Gallery, Bucharest
2007 UAPPR Gallas, exhibition of the UAP awarded – Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
2007 “Lascar Vorel Biannual”, Piatra Neamt 2007 “Zoomorphes” Art Museum, Bacau
2007 “New identities in painting and sculpture after 1990” Dana GalleriesJassy
2006 “Reality as image of image (Framed reality)” National Art Salon, Parliament Palace, C.Brancusi Exhibition Hall, Bucharest 2006 “Roll Up Art ” 10-11November, projection of work on the facade of the National Theater, BucharestGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_0112006 “Grafica”, Music Art-Cafe, Baia Mare
2005 “Contemporary Romanian Sculptors” Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
2005 “Parallel Options” Visual Art Museum – Galati
2003 “Parallel Options” Apollo Gallery – Bucharest
2003 “Plastic Ritms ” Art Museum – Constanta
2001 “13 Young Jassy Artisits” Apollo Gallery , Bucharest
2001 “Image – Tradition and Actuality” Cupola Gallery-Jassy
2000 “From Icon to Contemporary Art” German Cultural Center -Jassy
1999 “Forms and attitudes” Art Gallery – SibiuGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_0121998 Small Sculpture National Salon, Delta Gallery Arad
1997 “Sacrality” Parliament Hall, Bucharest
1997 UAP Gallas, UAPawarded exhibition – Round Hall , Bucharest
1995 “Jassy Contemporary Art ” – ARTEXPO Gallery – etaj ¾, Bucharest
1993-2006 Artis Annual Salons – Cupola Galleries, Palace of Culture and WTC – JassyGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_013

Sculpture symposia:
2009 “Shape, Color, Time” Negresti, Oas/ Romania, wood
2008 “European Bridges”, Fildas Foundation, Eforie Sud/Romania
2008 “ARTIS 600” Jassy/Romania, wood
2003 “Art and Sacrality ” 4th edition, Cucuteni, Jassy/Romania – wood
2000 “Art and Sacrality”, 1st edition, Jassy/Romania – stoneGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_0141988 Paraul Rece, Brasov/Romania – wood
1987 Slanic Moldova Bacau/Romania – woodGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_015Awards:
2008 Excellence Award for 3Grup, granted by UAP-Jassy
2007 UAPPR National Award for Sculpture for 2006
2007 Excellence Diploma at the Artis Salon
2006 Sculpture Award and Excellence Diploma at Artis Salon – granted by the City Hall of Jassy
2005  The V.Pogor Award, granted by the City Hall of Jassy
2005 The Mihail Grecu Award, 15th edition Salons of Moldova, Moldova Republic
2004 Nomination Sculpture Award at the Artis Salon
2001 The “The most Innovative Artist” Award and the Excellence Diploma, granted by “Art Addiction” Sweden
2001 Iftimie Barleanu Sculpture Award, at Artis Salon – JassyGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_0162000 The Dan Hatmanu Award at the N. Tonitza Contest – Barlad
1998 U.A.P Sculpture Award – Moldova Republic, at the Salons of Moldova, 8th edition
1997 The BANCOREX Award for the youngest artist awarded by UAP
1995 U.A.P. Youth Award – Romania, granted by ARTEXPO Foundation
1988 Third Prize, Paraul Rece, Brasov

Works in particular and state collections: Italia, France, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, England, USA, Israel, Venice, Moldova Republic – Art Museum, Paris, SwitzerlandGabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_017Editorial releases:
The catalogue Personal Travels  Performantica Printing House, Iasi 2011
The volume SelectiveOpenings  Valentin Ciuca, Art XXI Printing House, Iasi 2010
The Catalogue Gabriela si Sabin Drinceanu  Brancoveanu Palace Cultural Center, Bucharest 2010
The Catalogue Angeles around me  DanaArt Printing House, Iasi 2009
The volume Composition in peintures M.J.Bartos, Polirom Printing House, Iasi 2009Gabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_018The Catalogue Gabriela Drinceanu Printco House, Iasi 2009
The volume Exercices of Fidelity, Valentin Ciuca, Art XXI Printing House, 2007
The Catalogue New Identities in the Romanian Painting and Sculpture after 1990
Adrian Guta, Performantica Printing House, Jassy 2007Gabriela_Drinceanu_Artindex_019The Catalogue  The Danube streaming show  Kunstvereinn Printing House, Womyn’s Art Support
2005   http://was.mur.at
Present in the dictionary A century of Beaux Arts in Jassy, Valentin Ciuca,
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