Staicu Alina

Alina Staicu


2007 – 2011: PHD Program, Fine Arts and Design, University of Fine Arts and Design, Cluj – Napoca
2005 – 2007:  Master Studies Program , University of Fine Arts and Design Cluj – Napoca, Painting Departament
2001 – 2005:Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Fine Arts and Design, Cluj – Napoca,  Painting DepartamentProfessional Activity:May 2012 : Curator, Visual Kontakt Gallery, Oradea
2010 – 2011: Painting Expert, Art School „Tudor Jarda”, Cluj-Napoca2008 – 2009: Colaborating Teacher, Pedagogical Departament, University of Fine Arts and Design , Cluj – Napoca
2008 – 2010:Teacher,Informatics Highschool, Cluj – Napoca
2005 – 2006:Teacher, National College „Emil Racoviţă”, Cluj – NapocaScholarships:

March – June 2007:  Erasmus – Socrates Scholarship, Accademia di Belle Arte, Bari, Italy

Other activities:

2004: Book Illustration, „Octogonul” – Marcel Mureşanu
2003: Coordinator for Art Events, Students House of Culture, Cluj – Napoca2003: Summer Accademy, Art Camp, Petroşani
2001: Colaboration with  Dacia Publishing House, book illustrationLanguages:

English – advanced
French – medium
Italian – advanced
Spanish – mediumPersonal Exhibitions:

25th of January – 18th of February 2012: „Pretender”, Visual Kontakt Gallery, Oradea
16th of January: „Pretender. Identities and Impostures”, PhD Exhibition, Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca
29th of September – 8th of Octomber 2011: „Op. Us”, Art City Galleries, Târgu-Jiu
20th of May – 1st of June 2010, „Crossing”, History Museum, Târgu-Jiu
15th – 30th of August 2007: „Fragmentarium”,  Passepartout Gallery, Cluj – Napoca
13th – 27th of June 2006: „ The Outsider”,  Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj – NapocaGroup Exhibitions:

March 2012: ReMemoria Porolissum, The Taylors Tower, Cluj-Napoca
September 2011:International Gala of the Culture Dealer, Oradea
June 2011: „Painting, Nonpainting”, Art Museum, Satu Mare
April 2011:”The Little Prince” Festival, Art Museum, Satu Mare
January 2011:Painting Exhibition, „Ioan Sima” Gallery, Zalău, Jud. Sălaj
August 2010: ReMemoria Porolissum, Workshop, Moigrad, Jud. Sălaj
September 2009: „Don t Get Mad, Bro”, Point Gallery, BucureştiApril 2008: Fotovecchia, Europa Hall, Students House of Culture, Cluj-Napoca
August 2007: „ Studenti”, Castello di Mola, Bari, Italia
November 2007:Painting Biennale, History Museum, Piatra – Neamţ
December 2007: UAP Winter Exhibition, Art Museum, Cluj – Napoca
March 2006: Led – pretext, Art Museum, Cluj – NapocaJune 2006: „Little Prince”, Art Museum, Satu Mare
Octomber 2006: Aplomb, Casa Matei , Cluj – Napoca,February 2006: Renaissance Man, Renaissance Figure, Workshop, Florence, Italy
April2002: Students Spring, Students House of Culture, Cluj – Napoca
May 2002: Art for You, Students House of Culture, Cluj – NapocaSursa: