Petcu Filip

Filip Petcu


Since 2010 PHD scholar in the field of Visual Arts, University of the West,  Faculty of Arts and Design, Timișoara
2007-2009 -MA in “Icon – Painting and Restoration”, University of the West, Faculty of Arts and Design, Timișoara, RO, class of prof.univ.dr. Doina Mihăilescu
2003-2007 – Graduated Studies BA, University of the West, Faculty of Arts and Design,Conservation-Restoration of Painting Department, Timișoara, RO.
2000-2003 – Nikolaus Lenau Lyzeum, Timișoara, ROMember of the Fine Arts Union of Romania (since 2009)
In the present: Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Arts and Design, University of the West, Timișoara, RO


2010 – Pro Cultura Timisiensis  Award – for Visual Artists, Council of the Timiș District


•a complex professional experience in the field -since 2003- in the conservation and restoration of hundreds of religious icons, panel paintings and other polychromed wood: numerous icons from private collections and Church Collection / since 2007 – coordinator of various team-restoration projects and workshops , within working as T.A. in the FAD, UVT –
•a basic experience in  the conservation-restoration of various types of canvas and cardboard painting, wallpainting and archeological artifacts.

2011 – “Sublimation of the space in painting”-Filip Petcu & Andreea Foanene , French Institute of Timişoara, ROMANIA
2010 –  “The architecture and dynamics of light” – Andreea Foanene & Filip Petcu, Viranyos Gallery, Budapest, HUNGARY
2010 – “Refugees ”  Andreea Foanene, Philip Petcu and Oana Bolog-Bleich, City Hall of Heidelberg, GERMANY
2010 –  “Projects of yesterday and today” Andreea Foanene & Filip Petcu, Pygmalion Gallery, Timişoara, ROMANIA2009 –  recyclable installation in public space “EISBERG – CCCC2009”,  dedicated to the Copenhage Climate Change Conference 2009, in front of the French Cultural Institute of Timișoara
2009 – concept and coordination of the artistic happening „The Car – a protest against global warming”, in the Central Square of Bergama2009 – Resident of the French Cultural Center of Timișoara with the personal project „THE GREAT BALDAQUIN”, during the Festival of Franchphonie, in the location of French Cultural Institute of Timișoara

2012 – Exhibition “The Cross”, Golia Monastery, jud. Iasi, RO
2012 – National Art-Biennal “Gheorghe Pătrașcu”, XI-th Edition, National Museum Complex “Curtea Domnească”, Târgoviște, RO
2012-National Art-Biennal “Ion Andreescu”, VIII-th Edition, “Ion Andreescu – Art Galleries”, , Buzău, RO
2012 – “Meeting for art”, Galeria Helios, Timișoara, RO
2011 –  “Lascăr Vorel Visual Arts Biennal”,  12th Edition, Complexul Muzeal Judeţean Neamţ , Piatra Neamț, RO
2011 – “500 artists from all Romania”,  National Contemporary Art Saloon, Centrul de Expoziții și Evenimente Sofianu, Râmnicu Vâlcea, RO2011 – The Timișoara Young Artists Saloon,  1st Edition, Helios Gallery, Timișoara, RO
2011 – “Fruits of the wishing-tree”, Consiliul Județean Timiș, Timișoara RO and National Museum of Zrenjanin, SERBIA
2011 – “l MEETING-Point Internationa Art Biennal”, 3rd Edition, Delta Gallery Arad and Art Museum of Arad, RO
2011 – “Mnemosyning – Come with me into the birches forest” international exhibition, Art Museum, Timişoara, RO
2010-2011 – “Heaven’s Gift” Helios Gallery, Timisoara, RO
2010-2011 – Visual Art Saloon, Museum of Art, Timişoara, RO.
2010 – ICON-Exhibition in the Opera Mirror-Hall, of Timișoara, RO
2010 – “Sign-Symbol”, Romanian Cultural Institute, Budapest, HU
2010 – “You shall not kill, ” TIMCO halls, Timişoara, RO
2010-  Visual Art Saloon, Artex Gallery, Râmnicu Vâlcea, RO
2009 – “The stars, the outer space, in the view of visual artists” Palatul Administrativ, Timişoara, RO
2009 –  “20 years since the Romanian Revolution celebrated by the artists of Timişoara”, University of the West and Helios Gallery, Timişoara, RO / Romanian Cultural Institul in Szeged – Hungary / Cultural Center of Central and East Europe, Budapest – Hungary
2009 –  “The Absurd in the visual arts- an exhibition dedicated to Eugene Ionesco”, Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest, HU
2009 –  “Identity Exceange”, at the Helios Gallery, Timişoara, RO
2008 –  Visual Art Saloon, Museum of Art, Timişoara, RO.
2008 – “My Menthor – Tribute to my master”, Palatul Administrativ, Timişoara, RO
2008 – Festival of the Contemporary Utopia, the 4’rd edition, UNA Gallery, Bucharest, and Mansarda Gallery, Timişoara, RO
2008 – “The Path- Route, Movement, Dynamism”  Palatul Administrativ, Timişoara, RO
2007 – “Griffin XXI”, project presented at the festival “Contemporary Utopia”, the 3rd edition, UNA Gallery, Bucharest, and Mansarda Gallery, Timişoara, ROMURAL PAINTING PROJECTS:

2011 – “The Last Supper”, Glimboca “Holy Trinity” Settlement, RO
2008 – “Saint Nicholas –  Archbishop of Myra – Chapel”, Coriolan Brediceanu Highschool, Lugoj, RO