Paraschivu Mihaela

3.DadBorn and raised in Bucharest, Romania, currently based in Rome where she works as a freelance illustrator and fine artist.

Studied Graphic Arts at the University of Fine Arts from Bucharest Romania, (Master Degree in Graphic Arts- 2009).

The works of Romanian artist Mihaela Paraschivu are self-referential and revolve around themes of fear, home, family. The works are emotional and sincere, and like an open journal, they take us into a journey to discover the mind and soul of an artist who never seizes to ask some of the most profound questions of life.4. Gaina are oua in cap1

The artist participated at various exhibitions in Romania and abroad:

Selected exhibitions:

2019 “Doppel” – Duo show with Veronica Neacșu, LandIsGalerie, Moriken, Switzerland

2018 “Seed of Evil” – Duo show with Veronica Neacșu, Museum of contemporary

Art, Bucharest, Romania

2017 Illustration Exhibition “Bedtime Stories”, Anthony Frost, Bucharest

2015 Exhibition “Intersection”, Halele Carol, Bucharest, Romania

2014 “See what we do” Illustrators Club and Svenska Tecknare, Sweden

2012 “7 years of illustration”, UNA Galeria, Bucharest

2011 Bucharest en Zaragoza , Spain

2010 ” Bana bir masal anlat/ Tell me a story” , Istanbul, Turkey

2010 “L’arca di Noe” , Venice, Italy

2008 “Imagenes que contan historias” ,Madrid, Teatro Arenal

2007 “Export 2”, Goldenes Kalb, Aarau, AG, Elvetia5.memories

Also, she collaborated with publishing houses and magazines:


“An Unicorn in the Bones Museum”- Cartier Publishing House, 2019

“Catrina and Mister Sleep”- Cartier Publishing house, 2018

“The ballad of the five kittens”, Cartier Publishing House, 2015

“The enchanted treasure”, Corint Publishing House- 2013

“Romanian Stories“,Corint Publishing House- 2012

“Human Stupidity“, Ponte Publishing House- 2012

“Fairytales”, Petre Ispirescu, Corint Publishing House- 2010

““Bookataria de Imagini”- Illustrators Club – 2009

“Romanian stories and Fairytales” – Readers Digest Publishing House- 2008

“A girl’s story”-Mihaela Paraschivu, Pro Editura Publishing House-2006

WHAT’S ON- Motivate Publishing, Dubai, 20101.Justice


Best illustrated children’s book 2015- Chișinău2.Justicejpg