Iuganu Sorina

Sorina Iuganu

“Hi,I am Sorina,I am a freelance artist,I paint,I do costumes,sets,props.
I’ve worked on many projects in theatre,for National Theatre of Bucharest,National Theatre of Iasi,Metropolis Theatre.
I studied art in Iasi,Romania,at National Academy of Arts “George Enescu”(1995-1999).
I’ve exposed my works in galleries from Romania and Italy.
Now I work in oil pastel,I discovered that this technique is the best way for me in this momment to express my ideas.I can keep a strong construction line and I can mix colours in a verry large pallet.Sometimes I use techniques from engraving,to obtain the right texture.I hope that my work will catch your eyes.Everytime when I finish a painting I hope that it’s the best of me!”Sursa: http://www.artist-listing.com/Artist.aspx?username=sorinaiuganu