Fikl Gheorghe

Anul Asterii: 1968

Gheorghe Fikl

Gheorghe Fikl born on the first of April 1968 in the town of Timişoara, studied at the the Faculty of Arts, West University Timişoara. His works conceal a profound metaphysical dimension.The striking images and violent tones, in which antagonistic symbols of absolute piety and aggressive carnality explore each other from a small distance, reveal a permanent and almost unbearable psychological tension which focuses particularly on the “no man’s land” between them.Both angel and demon, the bipolar, abyssal inner structure of artistic ego recreates itself as a magical reality of a figurative surrealism.  Fikl exhibits in the most important cities of the country and as well as having had several exhibitions abroad.Exhibitions

2012 – Galerie Schortgen – Luxemburg
2011 – Solo show – Baroc Hall – TimisoaraSolo show Labirynth – Slag Gallery – New York
2009 – Solo show Labirynth – Slag Gallery – New York
2008 – Against All Odds – SLAG Gallery – New York
2008 – Group exhibition, Galeria Calina, Timisoara
2008 – Solo exhibition, Galeria Calina, Timisoara
2005 – Solo exhibition, Librăria Cărtureşti, Bucureşti2005 – Solo exhibition, Galeria Helios, Timişoara
2005 – Solo exhibition, Galeria Posibilă, Bucureşti
2002 – Group exhibition EXPERIMENT pictură-obiect, Galeria Helios, Timişoara1999 – Group exhibition Centrul Cultural Român, Paris
1997 – Solo exhibition, Heidelberg, GermaniaGheorghe_Fikl_BarocSursa: