Burcea Catalin

Catalin Burcea

Visual artist

(Born: 1966, Craiova, Romania)

Living and working in Bucharest
Co-founder of ALERT studio

Favorite media: photography, video, digital, concept writing.
Basically, I choose the most appropriate media for every project, so the message can have a maximum reach and impact.
Mainly I am interested in the dynamics, sometimes undetectable, of the systems and the specific methods of manipulation, of any kind, but focusing on the one emerging from the political scene. I follow closely how permissive and engaged is the “target audience” facing these tactics. On the other hand, the cycle entitled “Serotonin” builds itself as a platform the follows the importance of intimate chemistry of one regarding his behavior in relation with “the others” and how that chemistry determines the reflexive or impulsive reaction that a person experiments when faced with a decision.
The main sources of inspiration: Advertising “Zone”, Television, Urban culture, Internet World
Sursa: http://www.catalinburcea.ro/index.php?/ongoing/statement/