Oprea Maia Stefana

Data şi locul naşterii: 21.12.1987, Bucureşti, România


2012: absolventă a Universitaţii Naţionale de Arte, Facultatea de Arte Plastice – secţia Pictură , Bucureşti, România
2010-2011: bursă Erasmus la Ecole Superieure d’Art de Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes,Franţa
2007- 2008: studentă la Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, USA, secţia Pictură
2002-2006: absolventă a Liceului “Nicolae Tonitza”, Bucureşti, România

Expoziţii personale internaţionale la:

-Liverpool: CORNERSTONE GALLERY, Universitatea Hope, UK,2005
– Southampton : Sala de concerte TURNER SIMS, UK, 2005
-Venetia: Instituto Romeno di Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica, IT, 2005

Expoziţii personale în Bucureşti, România la (selecţie):

2010: – OPERA NAŢIONALĂ BUCUREŞTI, in cadrul proiectului ‘Design Yourself’
2009: -‘Running in Circles’ la centrul LEADS, deschisă de către maestrul Viorel Marginean
– restaurant HARD ROCK CAFÉ
2006: – Teatrul Naţional Român, cu ocazia editiei a IV-a a “Festivalului de Carte”,
– MAE (Ministerul Afacerilor Externe), deschisă de către criticul Vladimir Bulat

Expoziţii de Grup internaţionale (selecţie):

2012: – Bienala de acuarelă SECOND WATERCOLOR ART BIENNALE , Galeria A Pedja Acimovic, Serbia
2011: – în cadrul Veduta – BIENALA DE ARTĂ CONTEMPORANĂ DE LA LYON – La Boîte Noire de Saint-
Priest, video „Rythm Final”, 9’04”
– a 5-a editie a YOUNG ART SHOW, Trebatice, Slovacia
– expoziţie a rezidenţei artistice THE OLD SCHOOL la Institutul Cultural Ungar din Sofia, BG
2010: – proiect colectiv “Montagnes Urbaines” – Grenoble, Rhone Alpes, Franta
2008: – expoziţia RUMANIEN IN GOSLAR, Fundaţia Ileana Mustaţă, Goslarer Museum, Goslar
2006 : – co-organizatoare a expoziţiei de grup “A Window onto Romania”, la LONDON INTERNATIONAL GALLERY OF CHILDREN’S ART, Londra

Expoziţii de Grup in Romania (selecţie):

2011: – «Ladies and Gentlement», impreuna cu artistul Laurenţiu Midvichi, MELENIA ART GALLERY
– expoziţia internaţională de Mail Art «Imaginar si iluzie», Alba Iulia
-”Cum a fost posibil ?” expoziţia Taberei de pictură cu tema “Destinul evreilor din România in timpul celui de-al Doilea Război Mondial”, MUZEUL ŢĂRANULUI, Bucureşti
2010: – expoziţie a taberei internaţionale de artă plastică « Dan Platon », editia V, la MUZEUL DE ARTĂ DIN PLOIEŞTI
– ‘RIVER-expresii independente’, Respresenting the Identities and the Voices of European Riverains, la THE ARK, Bucureşti
2009: – “Balkanic Art Inspirations”, MUZEUL NAŢIONAL COTROCENI
– “October, Remember, December’, GALERIA ANAID
– “Dau mai departe”, CASA VERNESCU
2006 : – “Femeia” – organizată de Fundaţia “Arte e Arta”, Teatrul Naţional Român, Bucureşti

“I am a young Romanian artist, currently living and working in Inotesti, Romania. I have a BFA in Painting from the Bucharest National Arts University, and I also pursued temporary fine arts studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design (GA,USA) followed by an Erasmus at the Ecole d’Art de Grenoble (France).

I follow the metamorphosis of my own creative self into very different appearances. In a state of infinitely extended perplexity, I wait for the production of the next rupture that will –again– allow me to discover another inner self. An inner self gifted with an inexhaustable capacity of renewal.

Over the years I have undertaken projects in many different medias and techniques (such as video art, photography, graphic arts, sound art, art in public spaces), but I am nevertheless committed to creating and revealing spaces between opposition and cohesion within painting, drawing and sculpture.

My paintings are usually the result of a fiery war, which I attend as an active spectator, and of the countless transformations occurring during work. What I often propose myself is almost meant not to reach a purpose. The importance lies in the creative process, but I must admit that my work is just as much about the finished product. The purpose behind my latest artwork –which is turning more and more abstract — is to explore the expressive properties of paint and other materials through mostly physical and poetic processes, turning them into something edged with spirit.
I use very diverse materials, ranging from pencil, charcoal, pastels, tempera, gouache, acrylics, oils, to modelling clay, textiles, wood and metal .Aiming for a spiritual experience, my painting is governed by feeling, asking from the viewer as much intensity of inner life as I submit myself.

I have had 16 personal exhibitions up to today, in Romania, Italy and Great Britain, many national and international group shows and my works belong to private and public collections in many countries. An important international solo exhibition was“Through the Looking Glass”,itinerated at the ICR London and the Instituto Romeno di Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica, Venezia. My most significant solo shows in Bucharest were at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Bucharest Opera House, Romanian National Theatre, Metropolitan Center and at the galleries Melenia Art Gallery, ORIZONT, BAKU ART.” Maia Oprea

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