Colajele inedite ale lui Jens Ullrich

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Jens Ullrich’s Sublime Mashups of Classical Statues and Sports Photography
by Emily Temple. Posted on 3:00 pm Friday Jul 20, 2012
In Jens Ullrich’s wonderful series Pilots, which we recently spotted over at Junk Culture, the Düsseldorf and Berlin-based artist combines photographs of great sports moments plucked from the newspapers, which images of classical sculptures. Some of the collages remind us of the excellence of the athletic body — the chiseled stone abs a reflection of their hard-won fleshy counterparts — and some seem stranger than this, a sort of halting in midair, a Medusa effect. As the artist explains, “Because I love figurative sculpture, I forced them into symbolic reparations, by hustling their divided bodies into new action and by violating their authorship, so that free spirit, which is known to fly like a dove, can finally take possession of them.” Click through to see some of our favorites from Pilots, and then be sure to head here see more images from the series.

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