Andrei Elena

Elena Andrei, pictorita

“Since I was 14 years old, painting has been the most stable aspect of my life. I am sure that, in this life, art is part of my destiny and my mission.

I was born in 1984, in Eastern Europe, in a small town from Romania. I moved with my sister to Bucharest, the capital of the country. I knew it was my only real chance to make it as a professional artist. Here, I graduated from Fine Arts Bucharest’s Art University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Art and in 2009 with my Master Degree at the same University.

After seeing what other art institutes of different parts of the world can offer, I remained with a taste of bitterness towards some aspects of Romanian art education. However, despite this facts, I appreciate that it made me aware of the power I have to develop my skills beyond any educational program. I decided to engage in a fight with my own technical limits and with the bluntness of my fellows artists. I never gave up learning because this is the only way I could achieve a high standard in my professional work. Till this day I am convinced that you cannot relate to a certain style because a style is something unpolished, unfinished yet. For me is a perpetual search that never ends. It is a journey with a permanent unknown destination.

The themes I aim are usually very expansive. That is why, the idea becomes a theme after a long period. I am permanently connected to everything that happens around me. The stories of others become my stories. The complexity that hides inside each person gives birth to an attempt to discover myself throw others.

I don’t expect my inspiration. I think inspiration is overrated in the painting process. I try to work every day, because it is the only way the mind can produce other ideas. Because my themes are long builded it is necessary not to lose time waiting for spotty moments of inspiration.

The central point of my works is the human being, the human fabric, from surface to depth, beyond the masks and the mirrors. This reminds me of the precarious condition of life in this world. There will always be a symbolic and representative history of the body, and this is a testimony that shows me how things stand on this side and across the flesh, that is, beyond the human obvious weaknesses.”

Born at 21st of May 1984, Piteşti, Argeş department;

Lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.






• 2007 – 2009 – Fine Arts University Bucharest, MBA, Master Degree / Specialization – Painting , Professor Cătălin Bălescu;

• 2003 – 2007 – Fine Arts University Bucharest, BA, Specialization – Painting, Professor Sorin Ilfoveanu;

• 1999 – 2003 – High school of Arts „Dinu Lipatti“ / Specialization – Architecture, Piteşti;

• 1991 – 1999 – School of Arts „Dinu Lipatti“ / Specialization – Music, instrument Piano.


2009 – The illustration for the stamp of the wine collections „Livia“ & „Bacanta”, Gârboiu Wine Cellars, Vrancea department;

Since 2008 – Member in the Union of the Plastic Artists from Romania;

2008 – Study trip and artistic documentation organized by IRCCU, Venice, Italy;

2007 – Study trip and artistic documentation organized by IRCCU, Venice, Italy;

2006 – Works exposed on the site, painting;

2006 – Creation camp at Enisala, Dep. Tulcea, Romania;

2006 – The cover of the book „In three, a sentimental laboratory“, publishing house „Three“, Bucharest;

2006 – Study trip and artistic documentation organized by the Foundation „Soleil de l’Est“, Tours, France;

2005 – Participation March Fairy – The Museum of Romanian Peasant, Bucharest;

2002 – Creation camp for young people with Hellenic origin – Possidi, Greece;

2002 – Creation camp „Structure, tradition, space“ organized by the Rotary Foundation – The Museum of Popular Technical Astra Sibiu, Romania.


2010 – Collaboration with the gallery Anno Mundi – – porcelain painting;

Since 2009 – Content manager for ArtClue, the Eastern Europe Art Magazine –;

2006 – 2008 – Volunteer in the editorial staff of the magazine Teen Press, editor and cultural secretary;

2007 – Collaboration with the magazine Time Out and The Financial Paper;

2005 – 2008 – Collaboration with the store Wagner, stories and beautiful arts – porcelain painting;

2004 – Volunteer Team Olympic and Paralympic Games member – Athens;

2004 – Professional certificate – urban design.



2007 – 2009 – The HVB – Unicredit – Ţiriac Bank Scholarship;

2006 – The artist of month march 2006 on the site;

2005 – National painting contest „The Art for Arts“ Foundation – finals;

2005 – Painting contest „La Fântâna“ – advertising banner „Calm, relaxation and water“;

2001 – Essay contest within „Link Diversity“ campaign.



2011 – Warehouse Artworks Gallery Winnipeg, MB, Canada;

2011 – Solo exhibition at Cityplace Winnipeg organized by Warehouse Artworks Gallery with Estudio Luna Gallery, Winnipeg, MB, Canada;

2010 – „The Allegory of the Five Senses & The Faces of matter“, July 15 – August 15, Estudio Luna Gallery, Winnipeg, MB, Canada;

2010 – „Faces of matter“, March 5-28, Eckhaus Gallery, Kutztown, PA, USA;

2008 – „The Human Fabric“, UNAgallery, Bucharest;

2005 – „Landscapes“, The Hellenic Community, Pitesti;

2002 – „About nature“, Possidi Town Hall, Greece.

Arhaghelii Metatron și Sandalfon de Elena Andrei


2012 – „First Preview“Independent 84 Cultural Center , for GrowArt Contemporary Auction, Bucharest;

2011 – JUST DO IT. BIOPOLITICAL BRANDING, curator Simina Neagu, Pavilion Unicredit, artist invited by the Bureau for Melodramatic Research, Bucharest;

2009 – The U.A.P. exhibition, Căminul artei Gallery, Bucharest;

2009 – „4 visions in search of tradition“, The National Museum of the Village “Dimitri Gusti”, Bucharest;

2008 – „LA FUNK LA FREAK“, curator Simona Vilău, Torre Civica, Mestre, Italy;

2008 – „COLOPHON“, curator Simona Vilău, Palazzo Correr, IRCCU Venice;

2007 – „RAVENA“, Artis Gallery, Bucharest;

2007 – „In cold blood“, The musical Theatre „Nae Leonard“, Galaţi;

2007 – „In cold blood“, curator Simona Vilau, Romanian Cultural Institute, Venice, Italy;

2007 – „D’alle Mărţişorului“, Dalles Hall, Bucharest;

2007 – „Contemporary myths of the body“, The Comedy Theatre, Bucharest;

2007 – „Tour(s) de France“, NIT Gallery, Bucharest;

2006 – The Art Biennial „Gheorghe Petraşcu“, The Art Museum, Târgovişte;

2006 – „Primavera Gala of Young Artist“, University Library, Bucharest;

2006 – „The Woman“, National Theatre „I.L.Caragiale“, Bucharest;

2005 – „Look!“, Călăraşi Town Hall, Romania;

2005 – Intercontinental Hotel, „Art for Arts“ Foundation, Bucharest;

2005 – „Bonjour, Europe!“, French Institute, Bucharest;

2003 – Metopa Galley, urban project, Piteşti, Romania;

2003 – „C-tin Brâncoveanu“ University, urban project, Piteşti;

2002 – Piteşti Town Hall;

2002 – „The House of books“ Building, Piteşti;

2002 – Rotary Club, Sibiu, Romania.


• The HVB – Unicredit – Ţiriac Bank Collection;

• The Foundation „Young at arts“, Bucharest, Romania;

• The Romanian Cultural Institute, Venice, Italy;

• Possidi, Greece;

• The Foundation „Art for Arts“, Bucharest, Romania;

• Romanian Comercial Bank, Bucharest, Romania;

• The Hellenic Community, Piteşti, Romania;

• Daniel Ioan Collection, Bucharest, Romania.

• Works in private collections in Bucharest, Constanța, Piteşti.

Elena Andrei


• 2007 – 2009 – Universitatea Naţională de Arte Bucureşti, secţia pictură, studii masterale, Prof. Univ. Cătălin Bălescu;
• 2003 – 2007 – Universitatea Naţională de Arte Bucureşti, secţia pictură, Prof. Univ. Sorin Ilfoveanu;
• 1999 – 2003 – Liceul de Artă „Dinu Lipatti“, specializarea arhitectură, secţia design-urban, Piteşti;
• 1991 – 1999 – Şcoala de Artă „Dinu Lipatti“, specializarea muzică, instrumentul pian.ACTIVITATEA ARTISTICĂ

2009 – Ilustraţia etichetei pentru gamele de vinuri „Livia“ și „Bacanta”, Cramele Gârboiu, jud. Vrancea;
Din 2008 – Membru al Uniunii Artiştilor Plastici din Bucureşti, România;
2008 – Călătorie de studii şi documentare artistică organizată de IRCCU, Veneţia, Italia;
2007 – Călătorie de studii şi documentare artistică organizată de IRCCU, Veneţia, Italia;
2006 – Lucrări expuse pe site-ul, secţiunea pictură;
2006 – Tabăra de pictură de la Enisala, Jud Tulcea;
2006 – Coperta cărţii „În trei, un laborator sentimental“, editura Trei, Bucureşti;
2006 – Călătorie de studii şi documentare artistică organizată de Fundaţia „Soleil de l’Est“, Tours, Franţa;
2005 – Participare la Târgul de Mărţişor – Muzeul Ţăranului Român, Bucureşti;
2002 – Tabăra de creaţie pentru tinerii români de orgine elenă – Possidi, Grecia;
2002 – Tabăra de creaţie „Structură, tradiţie şi spaţiu“ organizată de Fundaţia „District 2241 – Rotary International“ – Muzeul Tehnicii Populare Astra Sibiu.


2010 – Colaborare cu galeria Anno Mundi – – pictură pe porţelan;
Din 2009 – Content Manager la revista de artă contemporană Est-Europeană – ArtClue –;
2006 – 2009 – Voluntariat în cadrul redacţiei revistei Teen Press, redactor şi secretar cultural;
2007 – Colaborare cu revista Time Out şi Ziarul Financiar;
2005 – 2008 – Colaborare cu magazinul Wagner, arte frumoase şi povești – pictură pe porţelan;
2004 – Membru Volunteer Team Olympic and Paralympic Games – Atena;
2004 – Certificat de competenţe profesionale – specializare design urban.


2007 – 2009 – Bursa HVB – Unicredit – Ţiriac Bank;
2006 – Artistul lunii martie 2006 pe site-ul;
2005 – Concurs de pictură Fundaţia „Arte pentru Artă“ – participare la finală;
2005 – Concurs „La Fântâna“ – panou publicitar „Calm, relaxare şi apă“;
2001 – Concurs de eseuri din cadrul campaniei „Link Diversity“.


2011 – Galeria Warehouse Artworks, Winnipeg, MB, Canada;
2011 – Solo exhibition la Clădirile Cityplace, organizată de Galeria Warehouse Artworks în colaborare cu Galeria Estudio Luna, Winnipeg, MB, Canada;
2010 – The Allegory of the Five Senses & The Faces of matter, 15 iulie – 15 august, Galeria Estudio Luna, Winnipeg, MB, Canada;
2010 – Faces of matter, 5-28 martie 2010, Galeria Eckhaus, Kutztown, PA, SUA;
2008 – Ţesătura umană, UNAgaleria, Bucureşti;
2005 – Peisaje, Comunitatea Elenă, Piteşti;
2002 – About nature>, Primăria oraşului Possidi, Grecia.


2012 – Mira Mirabilis, Galeria Artelor, Cercul Militar Naţional, organizator ArtIndex(, Bucureşti;
2012 – „First Preview“, Centrul Cultural Independent 84, pentru GrowArt Contemporary Auction, Bucureşti;
2011 – „JUST DO IT. BIOPOLITICAL BRANDING“, curator Simina Neagu, Pavilionul UniCredit, artistă invitată de Biroul de Cercetări Melodramatice, Bucureşti;
2009 – „4 viziuni în căutarea tradiției“, Muzeul Naţional al Satului „Dimitrie Gusti“, Bucureşti;
2009 – Expoziţia de primire în U.A.P., galeria Căminul Artei, Bucureşti;
2008 – „LA FUNK LA FREAK“, curator Simona Vilău, Torre Civica di Mestre, Comune di Venezia;
2008 – „COLOPHON“, curator Simona Vilău, Palazzo Correr, IRCCU Veneţia;

2007 – „RAVENA“, Galeria Artis, Bucureşti;
2007 – „A Sangue Fredo“, Teatrul muzical „Nae Leonard“, Galaţi;
2007 – „A Sangue Fredo“, curator Simona Vilău, I.C.R., Veneţia, Italia;
2007 – „D’alle Mărţişorului“, Sala Dalles, Bucureşti;
2007 – „Mituri contemporane ale corpului“, Teatrul de Comedie, Bucureşti;
2007 – „Tour(s) de France“, Galeria NIT, Bucureşti;
2006 – Bienala de Artă „Gheorghe Petraşcu“, Muzeul de Artă, Târgovişte;
2006 – „Primavera Gala Tinerilor Artişti“, Biblioteca Universitară, Bucureşti;
2006 – „Femeia“, Teatrul Naţional „I.L.Caragiale“, sala Amfiteatru, Bucureşti;
2005 – „Uită-te!“, Foaierul Consiliului Judeţean Călăraşi;
2005 – Hotel Intercontinental, Fundaţia „Arte pentru Artă“, Bucureşti;
2005 – „Bonjour, Europe!“, Institutul Francez, Bucureşti;
2003 – Galeria Metopa, proiect urban, Piteşti;
2003 – Universitatea „C-tin Brâncoveanu“, proiect urban, Piteşti;
2002 – Primăria Municipiului Piteşti;
2002 – Casa Cărţii, Piteşti;
2002 – Sediul Rotary, Sibiu.


• Colecţia HVB – Unicredit – Ţiriac Bank;
• Fundaţia „Young at arts“, Bucureşti, România;
• Institutul Cultural Român, Veneţia, Italia;
• Possidi, Grecia;
• Fundaţia „Arte pentru Artă“, Bucureşti, România;
• Banca Comercială Română, Bucureşti, România;
• Comunitatea Elenă, Piteşti, România;
• Colecţia Daniel Ioan, Bucureşti, România;
• Colecţii particulare din Bucureşti, Piteşti, Constanţa – România.


2012 – Grow Art Contemporary Auction, Hotel Ramada Majestic, București;


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