Saru Gheorghe

Anul Nasterii: 1920

Anul Decesului: 2003

Gheorghe Șaru

Actual date of birth: February 29th, 1920. Officially registered at March 1st, 1920


1963   Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci – Perugia, Italy
1946-1948  Academy of Fine Arts – Bucharest, Romania
Master of Fine Arts
1939-1944  Academy of Fine Arts – Jassy, Romania
Bachelor of Fine ArtsGheorghe_Saru_FamilieSTUDY JOURNEYS:
Mexico, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, Switzerland, USA,
Denmark, West Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Sweden
Norway, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, USSR, Bulgaria.
1983  Invited to live and paint in the United States by the U.S.I.A.
(United States Information Agency)
1965    Invited to live and paint in Mexico
PROFESSION:      Artist Painter

1948-1982  Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts “N. Grigorescu”- Bucharest
1950-1964  Editor in chief at “ARTA” Magazine


1950-2003   Fine Arts Guild of Romania
1963-2003     International Association of Fine Arts (AIAP) of UNESCO


Joins to various shows in Europe, Asia and America


1995              International Man of the Year – Cambridge, England
1982                         Professor Emeritus of Art – Bucharest, Romania
1982                         Special Award for Painting – Fine Art Guild of Romania
1979                         National Prize for Monumental Tapestry (with wife Liana Saru)
1976                         Gold Medal and Laureate of the Triennial Exhibition – Sofia
1968                 Order of the Cultural Merit – Bucharest, Romania
1964                         Special Award for Monumental Art (mosaic for public squares)
1953                         International Award for Painting, World Youth Festival
1951                         Laureate of the State Prize – Bucharest, Romania
1950                         National Award for Painting, the Culture Ministry of Romania
1949                         Prize “Ion Andreescu”- Romanian Academy of Arts and LettersGheorghe_Saru_Familie

Hermitage – USSR
Weisman Art Museum – Minneapolis
National Museums of Art – Bucharest, Jassy, Timisoara, Cluj,
Oradea, Galatzi, Suceava, Constantza, Turnu-Severin


The Weisman Museum of Art, USA, then collections in:
France, Italy, Russia, Mexico, USA, Denmark, Japan, Germany,
Spain, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil,Canada, Romania, Luxembourg


1979    Prague, Czechoslovakia
1975    Museum of Modern Art – Triennial of Sczecin, Poland
1975     Quebec
1974     Cairo, Egypt
1973     Washington
1973     San Sebastian, Spain
1972      Orly, France
1972    Leningrad
1968    Paris
1965     Museum of Modern Art – Triennial of Sczecin, Poland
1963      Berlin
1961      Museum of Modern Art – Paris, France (here, next to Brancussi, Saru displays several paintings. Among them was “Two young Welders” which was reproduced on a Postage Stamp Emission)
1961      Geneva
1958      Moscow
1956      Vienna, Austria
1956      Biennale di Venezia (XVIII) – Venice, Italy
1954      Biennale di Venezia (XVII) – Venice, Italy


2004  Romanian Cultural Center – Post Mortem
1999   Gallery@49, New York
1997   Romanian Cultural Center, NY Gallery
1995   The York Square Gallery, New Haven, CT
1991   Basil – Spingarn Gallery, Matawan, NJ
1991   Dome Gallery, Broadway, SOHO – New York
1990  Morin – Miller Gallery, 57Street, New York
1989   Bonwitt – Teller at Trump Tower, 57Street, New York
1989   Morin – Miller Gallery, 57Street, New York
1988    Morin – Miller Gallery, 57Street, New York
1988   M.A.T. Gallery, Montreal, Canada
1988   Lawrence Gallery, New York
1987   Alex Gallery, Washington, DC
1985   Victor Art Gallery, New York
1983    LeMire Gallery, New Orleans
1983    H.H. Leonard Gallery, Washington, DC
1981     Dalles Art Gallery, Bucharest
1979   “Simeza” Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
1977   National Museum of Art, Bucharest, Romania
1977    Dalles Art Gallery, Bucharest
1970     Dalles Art Gallery, Bucharest
1969   “Orizont” Gallery, Bucharest
1960    Puskin Museum, Moscow, USSR
1956   Dalles Art Gallery, BucharestSursa: