Melica Vasile

Anul Nasterii: 1924

Anul Decesului: 2000

“Ceapa si peste”, ulei pe carton, 56x71cm, semnat stanga jos cu negru, datat (19)63

     Vasile Melica

(Nasc.1924, Târgu Ocna – Dec.2000,Bacău)

He was born at Tg Ocna, Bacau, Romania, on March 24th, 1924. In 1954 he graduated the Institute of Fine Arts “N. Grigorescu”, under the guidance of Camil Ressu, Nicolae Darascu and Stefan Constantinescu. Between 1962 – 1985 he taught at the Institute of Fine Arts “N. Grigorescu” in Bucharest.
From 1955 he started to participate in state exhibitions, commemorative or festive, held yearly or twice a year. He also participated in exhibitions held abroad.
Private exhibitions were held at Simeza Galleries – Bucharest 1963, at the Art Museum of Bacau in 1964, at Simeza Galleries in 1971, at U.A.P. Galleries in 1978, at Simeza Galleries in 1987 – 1994.
He was present at exhibitions of Romanian Art in Greece – 1960, Egypt – 1961, Japan – 1974, Austria – 1975, Spain – 1976, Finland – 1977, Greece – 1978, Jugoslavie – 1981, etc. He went of trips for study and documentation in Italy, France, URSS, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Germany.
Art critics and historians like:

Ion Frunzetti, Petru Comarnescu, Eugen Schileru, Virgil Mocanu, Amelia Pavel, O. Barbosa, C. Prut, Fl. Postolache, D. Dancu, Olga Busneag, M. Driscu etc have written about his activity summaries, commentaries, articles in specialized newspapers and magazines (reviews), in the “Dictionary of the contemporary fine arts artists”.              .
“Endoved with an authentic painter’s eye, MELICA has not given up the human essence in favour of the picturesque or decorative. His chromatic palette comprises a great variety of shades … But this variety is never pushed towards the clashing and motley, because the whole chromatic range is restrained, discret, and of a wonderful precision, in the setting up of accords, of harmonies. The tone always remain reserved, collected, grave”
Eugen Schileru art criticVasile_Melica_la_Babadag“MELICA’s painting is sober and of a calm gravity. No need for ostentation, no ambition to astound, no complex of modernity is betrayed by his paintings. His painting is the proof of a sense of balance, of consistency, of mastery of the means of expression, in which the lasting meanings are preserved with a wonderful belief which goes over fashions, trends or conjunctural artistic periods” – Ion Salisteanu painter.

“Simple, charming, with an authentic inner world, MELICA has not the arrogance of “being somebody”.

When trying to include him in any manner or trend, one ends by defining him as a painter who reminds us, with a sincerity full of confidence, the permanent traits of Romanian painting”-
Iacob Lazar painter.