Muzeul de Arta (TIMISOARA), Art Museum


Infiintat in: 1872; 2006 (redeschis); Orasul: TIMISOARA; Profil general: Arta


Adresa: Piata Unirii numarul 1


Program: 10:00 – 18:00; luni: inchis


The Art Department was established in 1872 when the History and Archaeology Society emerged due to the donation from Sigismund Ormos. The building, called “Baroque Palace”, is a Baroque historic monument, built in several stages, beginning with 1754.

The exhibits include works of Italian art from the 15th – 17th centuries (Donato Veneziano, Jacopo Bassano and other representatives of the schools of Venice, Florence and Rome). The graphics collection can be remarked due to extremely important works of European art.


Despre cladire
Cladirea, denumita Palatul Prefecturii sau Palatul Baroc, este monument istoric, construita in stil baroc, in diferite etape, incepand cu anul 1754.