Muzeul de Arta (TARGOVISTE), Art Museum

Infiintat in: 1971; Orasul: TARGOVISTE; Profil general: Arta

Adresa: Calea Domneasca numarul 185

Program: 9:00 – 17:00; luni: inchis

The museum reopened (September, 2009), after a period of about three years when it was closed for restoration.

Designed as a headquarters for the Prefecture, the building housing the museum is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Targoviste. Dating to the second half of the 19th century, it is characteric of Italian architecture, as the entrepreneur was Giovanni Baldassar Vignossa. The painted decorations of the interior were carried out by the painter Giovanni Battista del Basso, who worked under the guidance of the same entrepreneur on the premises of the Prefecture. Although relatively small-sized, the building is not deprived by monumentality and of a certain sumptuousness owed to its exterior, but especially to the interior adorned with stucco, ceilings and walls painted with geometrical and vegetal motifs.

The museum holds and exhibits religious paintings (frescos and icons), period furniture, jewels and oriental textiles, as well as modern and contemporary Romanian works of art by Nicolae Grigorescu, Sava Hentia, Nicolae Tonitza, Ion Andreescu, Theodor Pallady, Iosif Iser, Camil Ressu, Lucian Grigorescu, Henri Catargi, Magdalena Radulescu, Matiass Teutsch, and Marcel Iancu.