Muzeul de Arta “Casa Simian” (RAMNICU VALCEA), “Simian House” Art Museum

Infiintat in: 1968; Orasul: RAMNICU VALCEA; Profil general: Arta


Adresa: Strada Carol I numarul 25


Program: 10:00 – 18:00 (vara); luni: inchis


The building sheltering the Art Museum belonged to Nae and Tita Simian family from Salistea Sibiului, owners of a footwear factory in Ramnicu Valcea, by the middle of the 20th century. The house has a specific architectonic structure, comprising two types of space, one of which reveals the expressivity of the old house of the Simian family, built in 1940 by the architects Gheorghe Simotta (1891 – 1979) and Nicolae Lupu, both neo-Romanian in style, and the other one neutral, meeting the requirements of an art gallery, built when the house turned into a museum. The permanent exhibition of the Art Museum gathers valuable Romanian paintings and sculptures by some famous artists from the end of the 19th century: N. Grigorescu, Nicolae Vermont, Sabin Popp, Ipolit Strambu, Sava Hentia, Ion Georgescu, and F. Storck. The museum holds works from the first half of the 20th century by G. Petrascu, N. Tonitza, T. Pallady, and C. Michailescu. The works from the second half of the 20th century include paintings by: H. Catargi, I. Tuculescu, Florin Niculiu, Margareta Sterian, Micaela Eleutheriade, Lucia Dem. Balacescu, Corneliu Baba, Camil Ressu, Horia Bernea, Virgil Almasanu, Dan Hatmanu, Sabin Balasa, Ion Salisteanu, Paul Gherasim, Ion Grigorescu, Marin Gherasim, Viorel Margineanu etc. and a few sculptures including some of remarkable artistic achievement by George Apostu, Ovidiu Maitec and Costel Badea.

The museum has a Venetian school painting from the first half of the 18th century.

Due to a creation camp, during the last decade of the 20th century, the collections were enriched with works by contemporary painters: Vasile Tolan, Horia Petrutiu, Vioara Bara, Mircea Catusanu, Adrian Chira, Ion Augustin Pop, Stefan Pelmus, and Epaminonda Tiotiu. During the same period the Art Museum received an important donation from the artists Gheorghita and Gregorian Rusu, comprising paintings and graphics. Although not on a permanent basis, the exhibits include also rare Romanian art items, icons and religious items from the County Museum collection, revealing formal tendencies from the 16th – 19th centuries, representative for Valcea County. The Art Museum also holds a rich collection of graphics, drawings and watercolours that are on display on a temporary basis. Each year the Art Museum organizes contemporary painting and sculpture exhibitions, and in summer time, in the inner courtyard local artists exhibit their works.

Despre cladire
Cladirea este in stil eclectic, construita in 1940 de arhitectul G. Simotta. A fost vila de resedinta a familiei Simian.