Colectia de Arta “Alexandru Balintescu” (COSTESTI), “Alexandru Balintescu” Fine Arts Collection

Infiintat in: 1970; Orasul: COSTESTI; Comuna: COSTESTI; Profil general: Arta

Adresa: Centrul cultural “Constantin Popian”

Program: 9:00 – 17:00; luni, marti: inchis

The museum was established due to the 1970 donation made by Alexandru Balintescu to his native village. It is located in the Cultural Centre of Costesti. It holds works by the sculptor Gheorghe Anghel (1904 – 1966), one of the important representatives of the modern school of sculpture in Romania (the sculptures “Life of a Genius”, Portrait of Stefan Luchian”, “Death of a Poet”, “Prayer”, and others), the painter and sculptor Horia Damian (b. 1922, settled in France) (“Landscape”), the painter Horia Bernea (“Self-portrait”), works by Gheorghe Tomaziu, Rodion Gheorghita, Florin Niculiu, Marin Gherasim and others.

Despre cladire
Muzeul este adapostit in Caminul cultural din Costesti.