Muzeul “Vasile Blendea” (TARGOVISTE), “Vasile Blendea” Museum

Infiintat in: 2002; Orasul: TARGOVISTE; Profil general: Arta

Adresa: Strada Poet G. Alexandrescu numarul 24

Program: 9:00 – 17:00; luni: inchis

The collection of the artist Vasile Blendea is sheltered in Angela Georgescu house, an old dwelling, a monument of Romanian architecture from the end of the 18th century that was restored in 2000. The collection includes a small part of the works of sculpture and monumental sculpture, painting and drawing, that define the artist’s personality so closely related to the Basarab fortress. He succeeded, by using the artistic means available to him, also to carve many heroes of the national history and culture: Nicolae Balcescu, Matei Basarab, Aurel Vlaicu, Ion Neculce, I. Al. Bratescu – Voinesti, Vlad Tepes, Master Manole, Nicolae Iorga.

As a painter, Vasile Blendea reveals an intense sensitivity and artistic refinement, his love for nature turning into his true ideal. His works include: “The Bell Tower of the Princely Court” (1933 and 1937), “Targoviste under Snow” (1937), “Dr. Marinoiu Street” (1946), “St. Johnny Church” (1945), “Entranceway to the Princely Court” (1949), but also still life, such as: “Crabs” (1947), “Apples and Vessels” (1953), or characters belonging to the “underground water world”, a wood cutter, carters stiff with cold, a beggar, an orphan, petroleum sellers from Persinari, a lute player and many other humble characters who are depicted obsessively also in Vasile Blendea’s graphics: “Ion with Basket”, “At the Mill” – 1947, “Papa Bratu” – 1961 etc.