Muzeul National de Arta Contemporana (BUCURESTI), National Museum of Contemporary Art

Infiintat in: 2001; Orasul: BUCURESTI; Profil general: Arta


Adresa: Strada Izvor numarul 2 – 4, Palatul Parlamentului, aripa E4, sector 5


Program: 10:00 – 18:00; luni: inchis


In the year 2001 the Romanian Government decided to found the National Museum of Contemporary Art (NMCA) in the wing E4 of the Palace of Parliament, that will be entirely restored. The museum was established following the merger between the National Office for Documentation and Art Exhibitions (NODAE) and the Department of Contemporary Art that belongs to the National Art Museum of Romania, that ceased the activity in the year 2001. According to Mihai Oroveanu’s statement, as the manager of the museum, the NMCA chose “a new display formula, that is a museum in progress, an institution that does not confine itself to achieving and managing collections passively and self indulgingly. It is an institution that puts forward challenging projects, figures out new ways of intermingling, and harmonizing, while taking part in an action encompassing the contemporary arts, that should involve film, music, literature and dancing”.