Muzeul de Arta Orientala (BABADAG), Oriental Art Museum

Infiintat in: 1973; Orasul: BABADAG; Profil general: Arta

Adresa: Strada Mihai Viteazu numarul 1

Program: marţi – duminica: 10:00 – 18:00 (mai – noiembrie)

Ali-Gazi-Pasha’s mosque (late 18th century) belongs to a recently restored medieval historical assembly hosting Oriental art collections: copper artefacts, clothes, and decorative fabrics.

Panaghia House stands in the close vicinity of Ali-Gazi-Pasha’s mosque and is built in the architectural style of Babadag.

The Oriental art exhibition organised in Panaghia House presents pieces belonging to the traditional folk art of the Turks and Tartars in Dobrogea, and pieces belonging to the Oriental art made in manufactures, and later, industrially. The folk art of the Turks and Tartars in Dobrogea (fabrics, embroideries, costumes, ornaments, domestic copper vessels and ceremony vessels) reflect its Oriental origins. Certain traits of this art reveal, however, the intermingling with the art of the local population in the Balkan Peninsula and in Dobrogea. The typically Oriental ornamental motifs: the “carnation”, “cypress”, “hyacinth”, “pomegranate fruit”, etc. completed by the golden and silver thread mingle in colour and decorative compositions of a special aesthetic value.