Muzeul “Casa Domneasca” Brebu (BREBU), “Princely House” Museum

Infiintat in: 1971; Orasul: BREBU; Comuna: BREBU; Profil general: Arta

Program: 9:00 – 17:00; luni: inchis

Northeast of Campina, on a plateau standing to the left of the Doftana river, there is the commune of Brebu. Brebu medieval architectural complex comprising the precinct wall, the Bell Tower, Church and Princely House, represents one of the most important historic monuments from the 17th century in the Prahova county. The precinct wall built of bricks and river stones, conferring to the precincts an irregular polygonal line. The entranceway is under the bell tower, a massive brick construction, with four storeys and a height of about 30 meters.

The church, begun on the 27th of June 1650 (7158 from the genesis), during the reign of Matei Basarab and completed by Constantine Brancovan, according to the legend on the nave and pronaos, has a club-shaped plan, and three turrets. The architecture is inspired by Dealu Monastery Church (16th century), the exterior decoration achieved by Wallachian and Moldavian craftsmen, identical with the Bell Tower.

The Princely House has a rectangular plan and thick walls, and the lodging place comprises eight rooms, a terrace provided with a loggia and a pavilion.

On the premises of the Princely House, the Museum of History and Archeology of Prahova county organized a history and feudal art exhibition. The exhibits illustrate the development of agriculture, the crafts and trade during the 17th – 18th centuries, as well as the economic development of Wallachia at that time. Two of the exhibition halls are dedicated to the development of culture, the art of printing that flourished during the time of Princes Matei Basarab and Constantine Brancovan. The exhibits include a few rare Romanian books: ‘Book of Laws from Govora’ from 1640 and ‘Straightening the Law’, printed at Targoviste in 1652, considered to be outstanding books for the achievement of a local legal system; the Bible of Bucharest’ from 1688 – a monument of Romanian literary language or books achieved by Metropolitan Dosoftei and Antim Ivireanul at Snagov. The collection also includes exquisite pieces of fine and decorative arts: old icons, clothing, boyar’s costumes made of velvet with golden and silver threads, ornaments and period jewelry.

Despre cladire
Ansamblul arhitectonic de la Brebu reprezinta unul dintre cele mai importante monumente ctitorite de Matei Basarab (incepand din 27 iun.1650) si desavarsite de Constantin Brancoveanu (din anul 1689), constituind o realizare reprezentativa a arhitecturii secolului XVII. Complexul istoric de la Brebu este asemanator palatelor brancovenesti ce au avut nu numai rosturi gospodaresti, cu pridvoare pentru odihna, ci si rosturi militare. Zidurile exterioare au fost totodata si ziduri de aparare cu metereze de tragere si poduri de straja. Intrarea in incinta intregului complex arhitectural se face pe sub clopotnita, care este o constructie masiva din caramida aparenta cu patru nivele, avand inaltimea de 27 metri. Alaturi de biserica, in incinta manastirii, ctitorul a ridicat case incapatoare de locuit in timpul verii, care au fost construite odata cu cetatea, turnul si biserica.