Dinu RADULESCU – Data about the artist

Dinu RADULESCU (born 1947, Bucharest, Romania) – Sculptor and graphic artist, PhD in Visual Arts of Romanian National Academy Of Fine Arts

1971 – graduates with the highest grades nationwide The University of Fine Arts, Bucharest. He majors in Sculpture, under the directions of professor and sculptor I. L. Murnu

1976 – his artistic debut and his first exhibition in Bucharest

1981 – he is accepted as a member in the Romanian Union of Art

1990 – after the fall of communist dictatorship, Mr. Radulescu was able to start his career as a teacher, and he entered the Academic body at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest

2005 – He gets his PhD in Visual Arts at the Romanian Fine Arts Academy and publishes his doctoral work “The Form Concept in Modern Sculpture” at Paideia Publishing House, Bucharest

2006 – His second book of art theory is published. “Manuscript” at Paco Publishing House, Bucharest

Ever since 1980, Dinu RADULESCU started a series of national and international exhibitions. Outside Romania, his works were seen in Viena, Rome, Belgrade, Budapest, Venice, Moscow, Ankara, Seville, Ravena, Athens.

Throughout his career, Dinu Radulescu travels to artistic study camps in France, Italy, Germany and Great Britain.

2002 – he is the recipient of the National Sculpture Award of Romanian Union of Art. This is only among the latest prizes won at competitions in Romania, Bulgaria, France, Italy.

Mr. Radulescu continues working in his studio in Bucharest and with the students of Romanian University of Fine Arts.